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    Venator – custom factory air supply at two sites

    The task
    This Duisburg-Homberg-based manufacturer of white pigments and fillers supplies its large factory premises with compressed air from two central production stations. The old vane compressors needed replacing with a solution offering the greatest possible redundancy, maximum power, and resistance to aggressive environmental conditions.

    The objective
    To ensure fixed, plannable costs for future work, the investment and both planned and unplanned service needed to be included as part of a ten-year contract. However, some operator tasks and smaller check-ups were to be completed internally for economic reasons.

    The solution
    Using a highly flexible contract solution, a tailor-made service package was put together in the form of a full-service lease agreement which, like contracting, guarantees the required service parameters and also includes some operator tasks. For economic reasons, tasks that the client could undertake on their own were left to them. The required peak output of 200 m³/min was covered with a design using 16 compressors across two sites. This extremely unconventional solution offers a high level of safety, as up to four compressors can break down without falling below the contractually agreed minimum supply quantity. Given the high number of machines and their extremely small individual contributions (75 to 110 kW each), the use of intelligent superordinate control also keeps idle periods to a minimum. This means that unlike frequency-controlled solutions, the compressors are always working at their ‘best operating point’, ensuring unbeatably economical overall energy use. To protect against the particularly aggressive environmental conditions, special solutions with coated and oversized construction components were deployed in some places.