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  • We create efficient compressed air supply

    Compressed air is among the most expensive forms of energy. This makes it all the more surprising that in many uses major loss of energy due to unused thermal discharge, leaks and compressor control systems and settings that are not optimal arise. There’s a lot of wasted energy potential in the compressed air systems of many companies.

    Industrial compressed air generation plants in Germany consume about 16 TWh/a, which is approximately 7% of German industry’s total annual electricity consumption. Compressed air generation in Germany is considered to have an optimisation potential of up to 25 percent. That’s a total savings potential of up to 4 TWh/a or around 2 million tonnes of CO2 p.a.

    Electricity consumed for compressed air generation in a company can usually be cut to a large extent using tailored optimisation.

    We understand complex production processes

    We can help you improve your energy efficiency by up to 30% by implementing an intelligent metrology concept with measures such as stopping leaks, optimising extant plant configuration and compressed air consumers and more effective use of thermal discharge.

    We offer

    • comprehensive advice based on our many years of experience of energy and power engineering and our technical and operational knowhow;
    • drafting and implementation of a monitoring and metrology concept;
    • a tailored plant and redundancy concept;
    • high-quality plant components;
    • client- and plant-optimised operational control, and
    • flexible contract terms and conditions.

    Contact us to obtain tailored offer and energy concepts. Benefit from cost and CO2 savings.