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  • Advancing the transition to sustainable energy

    Wind power, biomass and geothermal energy: deploying innovative technologies and processes we extend the possibilities for producing electricity and heat from renewable sources of energy. We thus reduce the impact on our climate, conserve resources and advance the energy transition.

    As a subsidiary of STEAG GmbH we want to actively participate in shaping the energy transition. That is why we rely more and more on renewables.

    We hold a leading position in the generation of electricity and heat from mine gas and biomass as well as in district heating supply based on geothermal energy.

    Owing to the experience we have gained in STEAG projects, we are a sought-after partner for designing, financing, implementing and managing the operation of plants using renewable sources of energy.

    Wind energy

    A power on the rise the world over

    The potential represented by wind energy is far from exhausted yet. Based on our longstanding experience we have the know-how to promote its use. We focus here on onshore projects in Germany, and in Poland and France as well.

    We plan, implement and operate wind energy projects on all sites suitable for wind turbines, such as tailings piles, disposal sites, open spaces and wooded areas. We cooperate here with local energy companies and property owners. Citizens and communities can participate in the wind projects through fractional ownership, a savings certificate or on a cooperative basis and so benefit financially.


    Wind farm


    In the rural district Dahme-Spreewald (Brandenburg) we have invested 81 million euros to build our biggest wind farm to date.


    Woelfling-lès-Sarreguemines wind turbines


    In the town of Woelfling-lès-Sarreguemines in the Lorraine region we operate five wind turbines with a total nominal output of 10.25 megawatts.




    Obtaining energy from wood and plant residues

    In Germany we are one of the three major players in the business of energy generation from wood-based biomass. Wood is a sustainable raw material: in Germany, a quantity of wood equivalent to a cube with an edge length of 1.60 meters grows again every second. However, no trees are felled specifically for our biomass-fired plants – they use wood that accumulates elsewhere.

    The plants mostly use waste wood, for example wood from what were once structural elements or furniture. In addition, untreated wood residues from industry, forestry, tree care and landscape management are used. All wood-fired facilities are certified waste management operations.

    Our power plants for the most part are highly efficient cogeneration plants, producing power and heat simultaneously. The heat is used in district heating networks or supplied to industries as process steam. The electricity is fed into the public grid. Owing to the CO2-neutral use of biomass our plants prevent the release of several hundred thousand tons of carbon dioxide annually.


    Biomass combined heat and power plant


    In Ilmenau we operate a biomass-fired combined heat and power plant that produces electricity and heat in a very efficient cogeneration process.


    Biomass combined heat and power plant


    The Warndt biomass combined heat and power plant produces electricity and heat using fresh forestry wood from the region.



    Geothermal energy

    Heat that comes out of the ground

    Geothermal energy is a virtually inexhaustible source of energy with a good CO2 footprint. We are experts at producing district heating from geothermal energy. In Germany, we are one of the biggest operators of district heating supply systems on a geothermal basis.

    From the interior of our planet, a vast quantity of energy in the form of heat flows towards the surface – and dissipates for the most part, unused. Every day the Earth radiates four times more energy into space than all industrial facilities, power plants and vehicles on its surface simultaneously consume. The particular advantage of this energy: it is always available, regardless of the weather and the time of day.

    We make this source of energy useful by designing, building and operating plants for district heating supply on a geothermal basis.


    Geothermal heating plants


    In Erding we have built up one of Germany's largest district heating supply systems that uses hot deep groundwater.


    Geothermal heating plant


    We operate a geothermal heating plant with district heating supply for the city authorities in Unterschleissheim.