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  • Hartmut Holzwarth, Mayor of the city of Winnenden
    "Our solution is perfect for the environment: everything we need is right here."

    In Winnenden provide a district heating supply to the city centre and other districts, and use landfill gas from the Eichholz former domestic waste dump to produce heat.

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    ‘We have been dealt a wonderful hand with the STEAG solution.’

    In Erding we operate two geothermal power plants with a connected district heating supply. This also transforms the thermal water pumped up from Erding into bathing water for the world's largest spa resort. In addition, STEAG New Energies planned a comprehensive energy concept for THERME ERDING, constructed all the relevant systems and is now responsible for their operation.

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    "The STEAG solution was available in the vicinity."

    In Mayen in the German province of the Rhineland Palatinate we operate a heating network that makes efficient use of the heat disseminated by the local paper and cardboard production facilities.  Municipalities appreciate us as valuable partners when it comes to efficient, climate-friendly energy and heating concepts regardless of the technology employed.

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    Christian Weber, CEO of Karlsberg Brewery
    ‘The STEAG solution was pretty simple for us: all of our energy is used twice.’

    With an ultra-modern engine-type combined heat and power (CHP) plant, STEAG New Energies ensures efficient and reliable power supply at the Karlsberg brewery.

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    We supply safe electricity and steam

    Since 2017, STEAG New Energies has supplied safe generation of electricity and steam at Erfurt, as steam is an important component in the production of wall coverings. 

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    We are your partner in matters of energy supply
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    Renewable sources of energy

    Wind power, biogas, biomass and geothermal energy: deploying innovative technologies and processes we extend the possibilities for producing electricity and heat from renewable sources of energy. We thus reduce the impact on our climate, conserve resources and advance the transition to sustainable energy.

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    With new efficiency

    In the bidding for the local supply of Darmstadt Technical University, STEAG New Energies and ENTEGA convinced the customer with a concept which, along with being economical, surpassed the energy efficiency and ecology requirements.

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    We are STEAG New Energies

    We are a member of the STEAG Group

    STEAG New Energies GmbH, a subsidiary of STEAG GmbH, specializes in developing customized distributed energy solutions based on efficient and sustainable concepts. Apart from conventionally generated power, the energy sources in Germany and France used range from wind, bioenergy and mine gas to the use of geothermal energy. 

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    End users
    Local authorities
    Housing industry

    It is becoming more and more important to produce energy right at the place where it is needed. We develop customized solutions for industry at large, local authorities, public utilities and the housing industry.

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    We actively participate in shaping the energy transition. This is another field where we can contribute extensive experience, because we already have been relying on renewables worldwide for many years.

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    For decades we have been extracting and utilizing the mine gas that occurs in hard coal mining operations. In Germany we have grown to become the market leader in power generation from mine gas.

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    As a regional energy supplier we supply environmentally friendly district heating to households, large consumers and real estate companies in the German federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Saarland, and in Poland.

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    For reliable energy supply in any situation. Whether the purpose is to supply energy during a blackout, to supply additional energy, to bridge shortages or supply energy on a continuous basis: our mobile energy units reliably provide you with hot or warm water and steam.

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    Would you like to submit your district heating consumption data online?

    The easiest way to submit your district heating meter readings is trough our online form. All you need is your customer number, the meter number and the meter readings.


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